Hello! I am Danielle Rose Miller.

I love dogs, traveling and photography. In that order! I will always be honest about the things I love the most in my life and even though photography is one of them, I do it because it allows me to spend more time with dogs and travel!

The other reason I love photography is because I get to create. Photography is about creating something authentic and genuine for my clients. And what is most important to me is that my client is happy. I am from a retail and customer service background where the customer is always right and though there are exception to every rule, ultimately it is important to me to put my clients wants and needs first.

I have been photographing weddings for over 8 years. I have worked with many photographers in the past but the most happy I have been is photographing elopement weddings. You may be asking what I mean by elopement... To me it means small and intimate celebrations where the bride and groom are the most important aspect of the day. It is less about the perfect stationary, perfect flowers, perfect venue, etc. because even though those things are awesome and beautiful (and fun to photograph), people matter more. The memories that are created, the devotion to expressing love, the bonds formed between families, the genuine moments of joy... those are the most important. That is why I love elopements!

Lastly, I am here to serve. If you are reading this, please go to my contact page and ask me questions, even if you do not book me I am here to help!